DATE POSTED | 7 Apr 2021

Sixteen Years: A Super Celebration

Since its inception in 2005, KLM Empowered has built itself up on an ethos of rising to the occasion. This is a company that rises to the responsibility of creating a better world by providing meaningful and impactful skills development solutions; a company that rises to any challenge in order to serve its people and improve skills required for employment or entrepreneurial opportunities. After sixteen years of rising to the occasion, there is a lot to be grateful for.

On the 1st of April 2021 and for the month ahead, KLM Empowered is celebrating sixteen years of being in business and positively changing lives. As pioneers in the skills development sector, the company has experienced many seasons of breaking ground and innovating solutions to create accessibility and employment opportunity for South Africans, particularly those that come from disadvantaged communities and families. While many milestones have been accomplished during this time, the past year leading up to a super sixteenth birthday has by far been one of the most challenging, most expansive and accelerated during this global Covid-19 pandemic.

“In 2020, we had to implement everything we teach about VUCA ,” says KLM Empowered CEO and founder Lyn Mansour. “Five-year plans became two-month stints and thanks to an incredible team we exceeded our own expectations with how fast and effectively we set up the virtual integrated learning platforms.” KLM Empowered became a SETA- approved online blended training provider during Level 4 lockdown. They ensured all Learners had access to the virtual platform by assisting them with data and the necessary learning technology. In a matter of months, the company was awarded “Leading Digital Training Provider 2020” by the SABPP.  “Our success in the digital learning space has been a game-changer and we are proud to be celebrating this today!”

Throughout its existence, KLM Empowered has always remained connected to its mission of serving people. “Our Team, our Learners, our Clients, Our Community- they keep us going. Our creative thinking and ability to problem solve is ignited by the desire to always do what’s best for all our stakeholders,” says CEO, Lyn Mansour

Maintaining a Level 1 B-BBEE status and now on the cusp of our transition into 51% Black Ownership, has remained a priority throughout KLM Empowered’s journey and plays a massive role in upholding the culture of diversity and inclusion, and responsible citizenship. This milestone sees the company celebrating five years in a row of Level 1 B-BBEE status.

Maintaining diversity and tackling unemployment is key in the company’s service. There are currently many unemployed Learners in the system, a large percentage of whom are persons living with a disability. “During Covid-19, so many people have lost their jobs and livelihoods, so providing unemployed people with access to education and employment is a huge reason to celebrate,” says Mansour.

In the past year KLM Empowered has expanded to empower its unemployed learners by transforming Learnership programmes into learning experiences that are augmented with work readiness programmes, personalised wellness coaching, access to subject matter experts, MasterClasses on resilience and change agility, internationally certified Microsoft Office training, and career guidance in the form of CV writing, job application support and interview skills training.

“The milestones we are celebrating on our sixteenth birthday could not have been achieved without our phenomenal Warrior Tribe. They are the tapestry that is interwoven into every fibre of what KLM Empowered stands for and is,” says Lyn Mansour.

Out of its desire to see South Africans succeed and build a better economy, and by recognising the power of community, culture and people working together towards a common purpose, at sixteen years young KLM Empowered has successfully established itself as one of South Africa’s leading further education and training providers. “As we work towards our twenty-year milestone, the company will seek to use the power of technology to establish a global mindset and international standards to continue serving our Learners, team and clients at the highest possible standard,” concludes Mansour.

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