Ubuntu Trust Fund

Transforming Communities

The KLM Empowered Ubuntu Trust Fund (Reg. No. IT5118/06) is committed to purpose-driven education. As a Corporate Social Initiative founded in 2006 by CEO, Lyn Mansour, the Trust is devoted to developing home-grown South African talent and aspiring entrepreneurs for prosperity in both metropolitan and rural South Africa.

The primary aim of the KLM Empowered Ubuntu Trust is to secure corporate SED and Government funded sponsorship of bursaries for further education Skills Development Initiatives that will help integrate business and entrepreneurial skill sets as well as life studies into less fortunate communities. With the help of the Government and esteemed corporation funding organisations, we can continue to harvest a sustainable future for our up and coming citizens.

Through the implementation of Learnerships and accredited Skills Programmes, individuals achieve self-confidence, skills and capabilities through recognised SAQA Registered national qualifications.

Our areas of focus are inclusive of:

  • Preservation of life, national heritage and national resources
  • Cultural diversity, national and international
  • Gender equality and human respect
  • Entrepreneurial opportunities with local and global business
  • Socio-economic and environmental studies, in line with practical experience
  • Integrates first world capabilities and technology with localised content

The KLM Empowered Ubuntu Trust is also responsible for driving annual social initiatives in support of abused women and children, the youth and adults living with HIV/AIDS, the homeless as well as elderly and orphaned children.

Ubuntu Trust Corporate Profile



Isivuno Matlafatso Powerhouse is a registered Section 21 company – Registration Number: 2006/018969/08.

Governed by an affluent Board of Directors, Isivuno Matlafatso Powerhouse is registered through KLM Empowered with the view to assist in the eradication of poverty.

We are committed to identifying and activating entrepreneurial communities and sound business initiatives. Your valued investment will expand our Isivuno horizon by inspiring communities and will, in turn, benefit your B-BBEE Score Card, affording your organisation the credibility it deserves.

For High Volume High Impact SED Solutions Contact the KLM Empowered Ubuntu Trust.