DATE POSTED | 1 Dec 2020

Leading in Digital Learning – KLM Empowered Receives SABPP Award

KLM Empowered has been awarded the SABPP Digital Learning – Leading Provider Award 2020. We are grateful, proud, and beyond excited to grow in the exhilarating space of online learning. To be recognised for our accomplishments by the SABPP is a major feat to which we owe thanks to the cohesion and hard work of our dream team of change champions.

Agility has been the name of the game as we had to make the transition into a fully-fledged blended digital learning provider with immense speed under the climate of 2020’s pandemic. It has been a true testament to how much we can achieve through innovative and creative forward-thinking leadership and the adaptability of our teams and faculty. This is 4IR!

It has been immensely rewarding to see how access to technology, to our leading LMS platform and online virtual learning, has benefitted and empowered Learners and clients, especially those learners with disabilities. This is what everything we do is geared towards. Virtual, blended, and supported learning is so extremely exciting to us for this reason of accessibility. We can’t wait to expand even further by creatively combining our state-of-the-art onsite facilities with our virtual learning technologies, and by customising local content with our new international portfolios. Most importantly, our priority is to grow human potential by staying focused on the people and connected to our purpose. #GrowingGreatness #LeadingDigitalProvider #ExpandingAccessibility

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