Empowering Women in Business

KLM Empowered is a partner of the people. We believe in strengthening our economies through workplace knowledge and women empowerment. We are proudly expanding our business model nationally and across our borders in support of black women in business, affording aspiring businesswomen the opportunity to become certified KLM Empowered partners under the Brand of the KLM Empowered Knowledge X-Change.

As a dedicated, committed and heart-centered business partner, you will reap the rewards of liberating our nation through further education and upliftment, across communities and business industries. Be the business fire starter you were born to be and join our movement for greater good.

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Corporate Sponsorship

If your organisation is seeking a meaningful and sustainable Enterprise Development investment opportunity, this powerful and proven enterprise model is a sure winner for both the business partner and for the B-BBEE Scorecard in the 4 priority categories:

  1. Enterprise Development plus bonus points
  2. Supplier conversion plus bonus points
  3. SED
  4. Skills Development


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