DATE POSTED | 28 Jul 2020

Leading Edge News from the CEO’s Office.
Rising above the Storm

UPDATE 28 July 2020

Fellow Novaturients,

It’s day 125 and I trust you are well, keeping warm and most importantly, keeping safe during this time.

Covid-19 continues to teach us so much about life and the world we long for. Daily, we continue to evolve and rebound from the challenges we face and from the lessons learnt. As much as we are trying to hold on to what was, it is in these uncertain times that we must choose to pivot and re-imagine a future which together, we are now able to design. This storm is teaching us about ourselves, forcing us to face our truth and the importance of self-preservation and that of our world. It has reaffirmed our fundamental needs for human connectiveness and for being a bigger part of each other. More so, it’s teaching us that it’s ok, not to always be ok. It is teaching us, that we are Human.

We can choose to succumb to the fear of the constant , constants of the “what if’s” or choose to use this time as a trajectory towards what we envisage for ourselves and society as a whole. What we choose to do now, must be chosen with wisdom. Our decisions and actions today, will impact on the present and future generations to come. It all depends on you. Your success and ours will depend on our adaptability to embrace the changes no matter how difficult, and to become part of a collective of forward- thinking, mindful and conscious driven sculptors of a future we choose to create. Our future, is now in our hands.

“In times of crisis it is not how leaders react that is important, it is how leaders choose to respond”
Lyn Mansour

Today, it gives me great pleasure to share with you a sneak preview into our KLM Empowered Covid-19 story thus far and how much we have accomplished less than 36 days in preparing to better partner with you in these changing times. This is a story of the Human Spirit. A story of relentless efforts, strength of will and human connectiveness. This is a story of boldness and questioning the “Why not’s”. Read more

We can’t wait to share more and to be at your service now, even more awesomely than before.

So until the next big announcement on the next Level down, we continue in our promise to keep our Voice Heard and to keeping you informed on how we can continue to rise above the storm together.

Together we can change the story.

Warmest Regards,
Lyn Mansour

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Leading Edge News from the CEO’s Office.<br>Time to Act
Leading Edge News from the CEO’s Office.<br>Rising above the Storm

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