• Logistics and Transport

National Certificate Freight Handling

Course Synopsis

This Qualification reflects workplace-based needs in the wider Freight Handling Industry, both now and for the future. Freight Handling is diverse in its nature, so a fairly wide range of competencies are required by employees. The Qualification aims to provide the foundational and initial skills required for an individual in the industry to handle freight successfully; be an effective team member and undertake those tasks required to contribute to the effective processing of freight.

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

Historically within the Freight Handling Industry, most employees have experience, but no formal underpinning knowledge. It is therefore essential to recognise prior learning and the application in the work place. Therefore the assessment processes will recognise experience and theoretical knowledge. Portfolios of evidence will be important contributions to the assessment process.

All Recognition of Prior Learning is subject to quality assurance by the relevant accredited Education, Training, Quality, and Assurance Body.


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