DATE POSTED | 19 Jun 2018

KLM Empowered Embarks on a Mission to Greatness

William Shakespeare once wrote: “be not afraid of greatness. Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and others have greatness thrust upon them.” KLM Empowered Human Solution Specialists has embarked on a journey of Greatness. Their objective? To ignite potential and instill greatness in our nation as a whole. No mere simple task, but the captain at the helm of this campaign, Lyn Mansour, CEO and Founder of KLM Empowered, is brimming with nothing but positivity, excitement and resolve at the thought of her task ahead.

The campaign, appropriately titled ‘The Greatness Effect’, sees KLM Empowered determinately aim to transform the nation as a whole by unlocking each individual’s innate greatness. “The purpose of the campaign is to ignite greatness within those around you. When an individual is given the potential to be Great their energy and passion awakens a domino-like effect in those surrounding them, in turn , when an individual unlocks their greatness, they pay-it-forward. If one lives their life to one’s greatest, they transform themself, their peers and, eventually, their country as whole,” says Mansour.

Currently in South Africa the unemployment rate sits at 26,7%-that is 5.9 million individuals without work. By instilling greatness through education and possible prospects, the KLM team aims to assist the battle in diminishing this number instrumentally. KLM Empowered plans on using this campaign to create the individual opportunity for education and social upliftment and to simultaneously instill a sense of community and compassion among the masses as a whole. “Education is a gateway to infinite possibilities. It gives the individual context of their current situation, it allows for skills development, employment opportunities, social economical awareness and many other skills and traits that become invaluable,” says Mansour.

Mansour has been working closely with her digital and media marketing teams So Interactive and Room 206, respectively, to launch a powerful rollout that captures the sincerity, brevity and powerful nature of this campaign. Both teams have worked tirelessly around the clock to bring an innovative marketing movement that artfully executes digital, out-of-home, print, radio and many more exciting launches to come.

Take a look at the campaign video here

KLM Empowered a registered DHET Private FET College services a diverse range of industries. Since its inception in 2005, KLM Empowered has dedicated its ethos to transforming the nation through purpose-driven education. With its Level 1 B-BBEE scorecard and a highly experienced project management team, facilitators and operational professionals, a steady climb to greatness within the industry is the ever-onward goal for KLM Empowered and their team.


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