DATE POSTED | 7 Dec 2017

KLM Empowered 2017 Graduation

Another feather in the Cap for KLM Empowered.

On 7 December 2017 at 9H00, excitement was abuzz with over 80 South African FET Learners preparing to graduate and receive their Qualification, after successfully completing their chosen accredited Learnerships through KLM Empowered Human Solutions Specialists.

Learner’-groups from Dell Computer SA, Multi-Choice SuperSport & DMS as well as KLM Empowered, participated in the celebrated awards ceremony, donning their graduate gowns and accepting their certificates for courses that ranged from Project Management to Freight Handling.

Accompanied by the ever-famous lyrics of R. Kelly’s hit song ‘World’s Greatest, As a prelude to the handing out of certificates, keynote speakers and experts in their respective fields: Leanne Charles from MultiChoice SuperSport, Ingrid Du Buisson from Transport Education and Training Authority (TETA) and Christine Oosthuizen from Dell Computer SA took to the podium to motivate the graduates and audience members with their wise advice and inspirational words.

Since inception in 2005 KLM Empowered has been integral in graduating over 6680 Learners and impacted the lives of countless more less fortunate individuals. As a globally recognised, Level 1 B-BBEE skills transfer and project management enterprise, KLM Empowered has earned its reputation for delivering 100% competency on skills development with corporate, SETA and governmental sectors.

“Education is the key to unlimited opportunity,” says Lyn Mansour, “and the beauty of it, is that the power of education can start today. Everyone is capable, everyone deserves a chance to fulfill their potential. “ she says.

With its ethos firmly planted in purpose driven education for greater South Africa, Mansour believes in the human connection as a skill that needs to be harnessed and appreciated along the path to success. This regard for individuality and respect is evident in her connection with the Learners amongst her, as she warmly greets each arriving Learner by name, enfolding them in a big hug before they depart to find their seat.

With over 567 Learners currently enrolled for the 2018 accredited skills programmes, KLM Empowered keeps on its journey to partner with leading host companies that wish to effect change in today’s society and to inspire and ignite the potential within all of its Learners.

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