DATE POSTED | 8 Jun 2018

KLM Empowered 2018 Graduation

KLM Empowered ignites challenge to Greatness in Graduation.

On 8 June 2018 the sun parted the clouds on a cold Johannesburg winter morning to see KLM Empowered Learners gather for their graduation ceremony. Excitement filled the air as each of the 45 persons living with disability from four different module groups, stood to receive their certificates in FETC: Business Administration and ND: Project Management.

It was at this graduation that Lyn Mansour, CEO and founder of KLM Empowered posed a powerful question: “what makes us great?” Mansour then went on to explain that true Greatness is not achieved through entitlement but rather through three key feature traits. “To get to greatness and truly achieve your potential, each of you need to develop and harness awareness, mindfulness and consciousness. With these three traits, you will constantly grow and conquer and challenge set before you on your journey to greatness,” says Mansour.

The jubilant celebration of growth and education featured keynote speakers: Thandi Mokonana, the senior learning specialist from MultiChoice, and Neo Mokoena, the learning facilitator from Dell Computers SA as well as Master of Ceremonies GM of Learning and Development Leanne Charles.

What makes KLM Empowered so unique is its mixture of B2B corporate and compassionate, transforming education. A combination that would usually fail but only pushes KLM to soar further on their journey to greatness.

Each Learner in the audience knows each staff member from management by name and visa versa. Mansour smiles warmly at each Learner, hugging them, chatting with them and congratulating them individually on an obstacle they have accomplished or module they have excelled in. Even the Learners themselves burst with pride and support for each of their classmates and their respective achievements-regardless of whether or not they have met previously. Overall it the atmosphere is filled with warmth and genuine happiness.

Mansour cements this feeling further in saying: “each Learner here is not just a face, they are not just a name, they are part of the KLM family and it is so wonderful to be surrounded by my family today.”

Since it’s inception in 2005, KLM Empowered has successfully graduated over XXX learners. The proud NQF and B-BBEE Level 1 accredited further education training college tailors custom programmes to persons living with disability. Offering them a host sponsorship for their learnership, practical and theoretical training skills, how to not only live with their disability but to use it to empower themselves and an overall upliftment on each Learner’s journey to greatness. “It’s all about giving Learners the opportunity to invest their greatness into a better tomorrow, today,” ends Mansour.

As KLM Empowered graduations continue in Durban and Cape Town, it becomes apparent that the answer to Mansour’s question “what makes us great?” can easily be concluded with KLM Empowered as the answer. As KLM Empowered continues on its journey to ignite greatness and initiate progress and change, it is clear that the FETC is here to transform the nation as a whole-one Learner at a time.

View the link below of one of our proud KLM Empowered graduate bursting into song. #TheGreatnessEffect

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