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I am Woman

Dubbed the CEO of Hearts and the CEO of Africa 2017/2018, Lyn Mansour, founder of South Africa’s leading B-BBEE Solutions partner and accredited training provider, KLM Empowered, has trailblazed the voice of women since the start of her career in 1982 – and she’s not about to stop now.

A fierce advocate for change, diversity and inclusion, Lyn has been duly recognised for spotlighting  positive change through education and skills transfer within historically disadvantaged communities of her country. Her focus on women developmental programmes has been the cornerstone of her success, while promoting the dire need for purpose-driven education across all social sectors.

As a self-starter woman in business, Lyn comes from a lineage of strong women who had to make their way through life unseen and without any further or tertiary education. She shares her sentiments on harnessing individual power – and believes we should not be attributing power to the gender divide. Instead, we should be raising the flag on the “I am’ principle. I am here because I belong here; I am here because I earned it. I am here because I am equal in my contribution. I am here because I am,” says Lyn, CEO of KLM Empowered.

According to Lyn, equal participation may be a right, but contribution is just as necessary in the fight to be heard, seen and rewarded. “Regardless of colour, creed, gender, or disability – when we contribute to our projects, our performance, our communities, our families and our world at large we step into our power as individuals, and we begin to carve out our own seat at the boardroom table.”

“When it comes to the working world, there is no mark that should separate men from women; the only line that exists in the boardroom should be the divide between the good, the great and the greatest.”

“As women, we should not want to stand out in business because we are women; we should want to stand out because we are all powerful and purposed; we are self-supporting; we have earned our success and our right to be here.”

For Lyn, women don’t need to ask for acceptance any longer – “we don’t need to ask permission for recognition. We simply need to empower ourselves to be the best we can be, because we can,” she says.

It is for this reason that KLM Empowered offers fully engaged, accredited qualifications and business leadership skills programmes for all aspiring South Africans – including genderless individuals and individuals with disability. As a woman-led business KLM Empowered is committed to driving the development of women from within the boardroom and within their own enterprises.

The company’s popular integrated ‘Women in Leadership Skills Programme’, which piques interest in corporate and government sectors predominantly, now welcomes individuals who are invested in their own development. Lyn further expands on her mission of empowerment with enterprise development opportunities for aspiring black women in business.

To ensure broader impact, and to drive her commitment towards empowering women through education and entrepreneurship, Lyn recently accepted an invitation to join WEP – Woman Empowered Principles with the UN, and is excited about the contribution she’ll be making as part of the greater whole.

Lyn’s empathetic edge sets her enterprise apart in a world governed by male presidents, click throughs, loud opinions and hashtags. Her contribution-centred approach to education and empowerment is the hallmark of future-fit conscious business, while her “I am” ethic holds pole position in a boardroom of professional players.

“I am in business, not because I am a woman,” says Lyn,” I am in business because I am committed, capable, strong, hard-hustling and hopeful. But mostly because I am a contributor to my own success.”

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More about KLM Empowered: KLM Empowered, a B-BBEE solutions integrated and partner and a multi-SETA ,and QCTO registered provider services a diverse range of industries such as: leadership, business and specialisations in transport and logistics; warehousing, marketing; IT and communications; insurance, culinary, hospitality and tourism industries and is accredited across SETAs to name but a few. Since its inception in 2005, KLM Empowered has dedicated its ethos to transforming the nation through purpose-driven education. With its Level 1 B-BBEE scorecard and a highly experienced project management team, facilitators and operational professionals, a steady climb to success within the industry is the ever-onward goal for KLM Empowered and their team. Details at


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DATE POSTED | 8 Mar 2021

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