DATE POSTED | 2 Nov 2018

I Am Greatness: An Affirmation. An Imbizo.

#TheGreatnessEffect infiltrates hearts at KLM Empowered Women in Leadership Imbizo 2018

Knowledge, diversity and authenticity reigned supreme over a three day Women in Leadership Imbizo hosted by KLM Empowered leading Skills Development and transformation organisation, which debuted at The Venue, Melrose Arch in October.

The conference-come-celebration was a first of its kind in combining an SABPP accredited skills development programme over a three day gathering that included powerful engaged conversations and thought provoking “crowd learning” T/A workshops. Delegates were left transformed, up-skilled and uplifted.

In true KLM Empowered heartiness and vigour, the Imbizo was abundant in everything. Superbly catered and organised; deeply informative and inspiring. The days were themed according to the affirmations: ’I am Power,’ ‘I am Transformation,’ ‘I am Greatness,’ which took participants on a journey of tapping into their value and maximising their potential.

An incorporated NQF 5 Management Development Programme was designed around “Leading Change.” The course was guided by skills facilitator Clayton Lendrum and offered the delegates invaluable change management tools, to adopt in unpredictable and progressively changing landscapes of Corporate South Africa.  It included an action plan that equipped leading women in attendance with the ability to bring a new, positively transformative edge to their leadership.

The talks were bona fide, emotive and insightful. Thought Leader guest speakers included Dr Ela Manga, founder of Breathwork Africa and acclaimed author of Breathe, who shared her wisdom on conscious responsibility- a talk that exposed the power in taking ownership of choices in order to improve all aspects of life.

Dr Manga crowned her appearance at the Imbizo with a show stopping breathwork facilitation that touched the hearts of delegates, and brought about a sense of emotional connection and support amongst participants of the Imbizo.

“I feel very grateful to be here, as part of this tribe of incredible women; and just feeling that maybe I’m contributing something small to the connection, and to the healing of our society,” says Dr Manga.

CEO of DSTV Media Sales Fahmeeda Cassim-Surtee followed on with a brave account of her personal story along her journey to Greatness – spanning from a humble ‘hood, to the boardroom of South Africa’s leading media broadcaster. Fahmeeda highlighted the matchless value of authenticity in being a leading woman of change, and a can-do attitude that knows of no other word but “Yes.”

Summiting the programme was Food Network celebrity chef, Siba Mtongana, who flew in from Cape Town to share her story of grit and gratitude. Siba stepped on stage with an open heart that inspired and connected with her audience. She shared her conviction for the event;

Lyn [Mansour] has brought us together to say ‘come guys, let’s have each other’s backs, let’s support each other, let’s take care of each other, let’s lift each other up’, and that is something that is so crucial, so needed in society right now,” says Siba.

The Imbizo reached a powerful crescendo with closing address from the ’CEO of Hearts’ and innovative pioneer behind the event, Lyn Mansour. Deeply entertaining and emotive, Lyn’s address emphasised that Greatness knows no limits. Drawing from her personal story of self-education, whilst building a company in a female-oppressed economic landscape and raising children from the age of 18, Lyn stole the hearts of many leading women amidst the crowd, that resonated with her story of loss, love and liberation.

“If we can come together as a collective and express how we truly feel, then I think we’ve taken a giant quantum leap into being the change we hope to see; not just for ourselves, but for our families, our communities, and our society and as a whole”.

Her closing was true testament to the KLM Empowered brand ethos of #TheGreatnessEffect: the duty and ability to empower ourselves and others by paying our Greatness forward; not just as women but as incredible human beings.

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