DATE POSTED | 26 Jun 2019

Greater than Ever: Big Hearts Challenge 2019 is almost here!

KLM Empowered is ready to level up on this year’s Big Hearts Challenge.  As Mandela month approaches and South Africans band together to do good, leading Skills Development project management specialists and Private FET College in Johannesburg, KLM Empowered Human Solutions Specialists, is gearing up for its third annual Big Hearts Challenge. National Learner groups including the KLM Empowered teams will compete to see which group can prepare, pack and distribute the most lunches to underprivileged citizens in their regions and communities.

KLM Empowered’s Big Hearts Challenge is inspired by the movement of positive action surrounding Nelson Mandela Day and a commitment to paying it forward. “KLM Empowered carries forth the intention to bring positive change and elevation to individuals, businesses and communities in all of our endeavours, and this annual challenge gives us the opportunity for what we truly believe in to culminate,” says CEO Lyn Mansour.

Last year 14 Learner Groups participated in the initiative, the DSV team from Johannesburg taking first place with the preparing and distribution of 1 300 lunch packs between 14 Learners, under the facilitation of Mr. Strumpher Kluyts. The DSV team in Cape Town took second place last year with 700 lunch packs distributed and third place was achieved with 420 lunch packs distributed by Team Empangeni of SuperSport.

The Big Hearts Challenge is a pay-it-forward movement that encourages corporate sponsors to follow, sponsor and support the upliftment of communities through collective efforts that bring positive change across the nation. Sponsor companies contribute by assisting Learner groups with plotting their drives, sponsoring lunch packs and supporting food drops.

The challenge not only encourages management and social development skills but most importantly aligns with KLM Empowered’s ethos of the Greatness Effect, our South African philosophy of ubuntu and Nelson Mandela’s message of making a difference in the lives of others. These attitudes are integrated into all learning outcomes at KLM Empowered to encourage inspired engagement, leadership, cohesiveness and change.

“We are Greater in groups. By coming together as teams to assist communities in need we are contributing more than a meal for a day but more so, we are expressing the importance of the exchange of human connection which is so often non-existent. The Big Hearts challenge is a showcasing of the efforts of many who too, come from very little means and whereby, they are paying it forward by lifting up the spirits of those too often forgotten.” says Mansour.

KLM Empowered intends to top last year’s 8 543 lunches and is hyping up teams to beat last year’s winner of 1 300 lunch packs. As always, KLM encourages paying Greatness forward and calls upon all South Africans to participate in active citizenship and uplifting transformation.

As a Level 1 B- BBEE project management and skills development company, KLM Empowered continues to service Government and Corporate sectors providing world-class skills development for all aspiring individuals and talent pipelines, including its signature offering of Hybrid Hosted solutions for persons living with disability.

“We stand for more than just education, IQ and competency; we stand for human transformation in absolute magnitude, contributing to positive change in our own small, yet significant way,” ends Mansour.

For more information on the Company or how to get involved in KLM Empowered’s annual social initiatives contact us or email


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