DATE POSTED | 26 Mar 2020

COVID-19 Update
Keeping Our Voice Heard
National State of Disaster – Lockdown

 UPDATE: 26th March 2020

KLM Empowered Human Solutions Specialists
Important Client Communiqué from the CEO’s Desk

Keeping Our Voice Heard – National State of Disaster – Lockdown

Dearest Valued Clients, Business Partners, Learners and fellow Novaturients,

Today, this 26th day of March 2020, will be a day in our living history that will mark another first, a first that we have not witnessed or lived before. Generations that will surpass us will read about this time, the impact of this global enemy, Covid-19 and learn lessons on how the world came together as one to protect all humanity. They will read about those that rose and those that had fallen, the true humanitarians and heroes of this time and know them by name. Businesses that stood strong and those that led the charge against the invisible enemy in protection of their people and every family that they support, and those, that exploited the crisis against humanity for their own gain.

Today, as we prepare for isolation at the midnight hour to work together as a nation, yet apart, to flatten the curve, we are emotionally preparing for combat and facing the greatest unknown of our lifetime. This time will test our faith, our will, our discipline and our ability to rise above.

It is time to take control and still live your best life, knowing we are going to live life differently. It’s time to grow your personal greatness and silence your mind as you expand your thoughts to bring new wonderment and innovation to this world we live in. It is a time, when the greatest enemy, Fear, will either have victory over us and conquer our human spirit or we will choose to fight this fight and strengthen our will through mindfulness, gratitude, inner peace and through kindness to others, and to self. This is a time where we will witness our personal reactions and the reactions from others, the changing personalities and darkness sheer panic brings, when fear intrudes upon the Human Spirit.

In this time, we have, and will continue to witness the power and resilience of the Human Spirit and heart in how we react. We are those “others”, as we are all one. We are South Africans, we are resourceful, resilient and determined. We are strong and we are even stronger as a collective and this, I have witnessed.

To our KLM Empowered family that have pushed hard in keeping our engines running, navigating through this unprecedented time of rapid change, digging deep and doing all possible to redirect, re-plan, redeploy, reinvent and redo every 12 hours. I salute our warriors, our KLM Empowered warrior tribe, as I do each and every one of you. I honour your pure and determined Human Spirit for which we can all stand proud. We will display the heroism needed during this challenging time. We will prioritise the wellbeing of all. We will reassure each other and act selflessly.

As we continue to navigate this storm and set sail remotely, remaining together (even though physically apart) the engines of KLM Empowered will remain stoked by key members and our voices of KLM Empowered will continue to be heard.

As we prepare to gear up for the last push today, the importance of leaving our house in order could not be more vital at this time as it is getting your own home in order.


  1. As all businesses, KLM Empowered will be closed by 17H00 today for the lockdown.
  2. All key team members are accessible via email and via mobile phone throughout this lockdown period;

CEO; Lyn Mansour

Head of People and Business; Clayton Lendrum 066 478 2706

GM: Project Operations; Bernice Ebersey 079 774 7300

GM: Business Intelligence/Compliance; Portia Matuludi 071 610 4984

Snr Manager: ICT; Nontombi Mkosana 079 693 8066


As we continue to pray that a vaccine for Covid-19 is discovered, I urge you to take every precaution necessary, as this threat as we are aware, is very real to every human. May we all to remain calm, not panic, remain healthy, remain informed and remain positive that we and the world will overcome. Please know, if at any time, you need to reach out to connect, even just for a chat, we are a phone call away KLM Empowered team.

Please follow KLM Empowered on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and on our website  for information updates.

We pray for the protection and for our families. We pray for a cure. We pray for collaborative unity and support amongst all.

Together, we will discover smarter ways of living life. We will rediscover who we are and the importance of living a meaningful live. We will become mindful of others and self, whilst we exercise body soul and mind, enjoying the warmth of the sun and the beauty of nature we have often forgot. We will be filled with gratitude for each beautiful day as we continue to breathe and live this human life. In unity we shall rise!

Stay Blessed. Stay safe. Stay positive. Stay switched on. When the storm comes to pass, we will all come together to dance in the rain.

*Please be advised that this Communique is Draft 4 as at 26th March 2020 and will be updated and amended accordingly as and when further communication is received by the World Health Organisation and our President.

Sincerely yours,
Lyn Mansour


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