• Hospitality and Tourism

National Diploma: Accommodation Services

Course Synopsis

This qualification has been developed for professionals in the accommodation industry. It brings together elements of housekeeping, front office and management. This qualification will professionalise the industry and is applicable to all sectors, from small bed and breakfasts to large-scale hotels. The qualification builds on the accommodation services certificate and provides articulation with Gaming, Travel and other Tourism industries.

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

This qualification may be achieved in part or in whole through the recognition of prior learning.

Exit Level Outcomes

On completion of this qualification, the learner will be able to:

▪ Operate a computer
▪ Provide customer service
▪ Process incoming and outgoing telephone calls
▪ Display Cultural Awareness in dealing with Customers & Colleagues
▪ Communicate verbally
▪ Maintain effective working relationships with other members of staff
▪ Maintain health, hygiene and professional appearance
▪ Perform basic calculations
▪ Provide first aid
▪ Prepare beds and handle linen and bed coverings
▪ Service toilets and bathroom areas
▪ Service guest bedroom areas
▪ Clean floors and floor coverings
▪ Handle and store cleaning equipment and materials
▪ Handle and dispose of waste
▪ Maintain the housekeeping service
▪ Handle mail messages and written communications
▪ Provide customer information and book external services
▪ Maintain a booking system
▪ Deal with the arrival of customers
▪ Prepare customer accounts and deal with departures
▪ Exchange foreign cash and travellers cheques
▪ Co-ordinate the greeting and assisting of guests on arrival and departure ▪ Receive and process reservations
▪ Maintain the front office service

▪ Describe layout, services and facilities of the organisation

▪ Maintain a secure working environment
▪ Maintain a safe working environment
▪ Describe the Sectors of the Hospitality, travel & Tourism Industries ▪ Conduct on-job coaching

▪ Operate a payment point and process payments ▪ Develop self within the job role
▪ Prepare written communications
▪ Monitor customer satisfaction

▪ Maintain the receipt, storage and issue of goods
▪ Plan staff training and development in own area of responsibility
▪ Contribute to the identification of short term supply needs
▪ Maintain the cleaning programme for own area of responsibility
▪ Plan and conduct meetings
▪ Manage information flow
▪ Lead and manage teams of people
▪ Introduce new staff to the workplace
▪ Conduct disciplinary and grievance procedures
▪ Manage staff development
▪ Improve service to customers
▪ Plan, organise & monitor work in own area of responsibility
▪ Monitor and maintain health, safety and security
▪ Maintain a preventative maintenance programme
▪ Manage ones own development
▪ Contribute to the provision of required staff
▪ Plan, implement and evaluate sales development activities
▪ Prepare, implement, manage and control budgets
▪ Control and order stock
▪ Research and update legal knowledge required for business compliance ▪ Support and guide the learner
▪ Assess the learner.

Qualification Rules

The Qualification consists of a Fundamental, a Core and an Elective Component.

To be awarded the Qualification learners are required to obtain a minimum of 241 credits as detailed below.

Fundamental Component:

The Fundamental Component consists of Unit Standards to the value of 40 credits all of which are compulsory.

Core Component:

The Core Component consists of Unit Standards to the value of 162 credits all of which are compulsory.

Elective Component:

The Elective Component consists of individual unit standards from which the learner must choose unit standards totalling a minimum of 39 credits.


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