• Logistics and Transport

Further Education and Training Certificate Road Transport Supervision

Course Synopsis

The purpose of this Qualification is to facilitate training and educational opportunities for individuals currently employed in the Southern African Road Transport industry or those wishing to pursue a career in this industry. Individuals will have the opportunity to specialise in either freight or passenger related fields. The training will be applicable and appropriate to companies where transport is a primary or secondary function.
The qualifying learner will obtain the relevant underpinning knowledge of road transport operations in order to apply this to all assigned functions. These core components of learning include knowledge of transport logistics operations, implementing of routing and scheduling, principles of road transport management, marketing strategies and decision making and problem solving to manage the transportation of passengers or freight that is applied in operating successfully in a road transport logistics environment.

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

The structure of this Unit Standards based Qualification makes the recognition of prior learning possible, if the learner is able to demonstrate competence in the knowledge, skills and attitudes implicit in this Road Transport Qualification and the associated Unit Standards. While the assessment criteria outlined in the Unit Standards will inform the nature and depth of the assessment for the recognition of prior learning, integrated assessment will be employed to credit the learner with the Qualification and the successful achievement of the critical cross-field outcomes.


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