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As we geared up and gathered the herds, it was a welcomed relief to receive the updated QCTO official communication confirming the extension of certain NQF legacy qualifications that have not as yet been registered with the QCTO. A marginal window of one to two years has been granted until replacement Occupational Qualifications are registered by the QCTO. It’s a new season and time to revisit the strategy! Plan for your next season with KLM Empowered, your trusted QCTO partner, as we lead the ongoing Big Migration.

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QCTO has a primary directive to address the growing gap between in-demand skills and unemployment. South Africa is migrating to fertile pastures with the implementation of in-design work-based education that is occupation specific, current and relevant to the growing trends both locally and globally. In response to our biggest skills priorities to eradicate unemployment, KLM Empowered is heeding the call to lead the migration from NQF to QCTO in partnership with you, our valued clients. The advantage of occupational qualifications, overseen by the Quality Council for Trades and Occupations (QCTO), is that they are industry-based, so learners who hold this kind of qualification are more likely to be considered for industry-related jobs. Occupational qualifications will thus address the skills crisis in South Africa by strengthening the ‘occupational arm’ of the NQF and providing an alternative pathway for young people and workers to access learning, work experience, and employment.

Of course, as South Africa moves forward into the age of occupational qualifications, the game is changing, and so are the rules. We’re happy to let you know, though, that we’ve got you covered. As a future-forward project management and purpose-driven education partner to your business, we established a QCTO Task Team a number of years ago, and they’ve been working tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure that we are ready to follow the rains with you.

KLM Empowered proudly holds accreditation as a Skills Development Provider (SPD) for various Occupational Certificates listed and is a QCTO Assessment Partner.

Occupational qualifications that are in the final stages of accreditation include AI Software Developer, Systems Engineer, Cybersecurity Analyst, Data Science Practitioner, HR Officer, Quality Manager, Training and Development Practitioner, Organisational Risk Manager, and OHS Practitioner and so much more.

We trust that we’ve piqued your interest in the BIG MIGRATION currently underway, but that we’ve also allayed your fears and inspired you to start the journey with us.

We would love to facilitate a morning workshop for your skills development team to provide more details and guidance on how your organisation can benefit with KLM Empowered, as your trusted QCTO solutions implementation partner.

Should you want to set up own QCTO Academy either inhouse or outsourced, we are excited to showcase the innovative value-adding partnership solutions for your non-core business, driven by our recently established specialists estuary Pro-Source.

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We look forward to partnering with you as we all play an integral part to improving the educational ecosystem that results in sustainable employment.

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